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Liyao teaches you how to choose adhesive hook and loop


    Liyao teaches you how to choose adhesive hook and loop

    Jul 30,2019

    Many friends don't know how to pick and judge the stickiness of the adhesive hook and loop when buying the adhesive hook and loop.
    Adhesive hook and loop is available in a variety of categories:
    1. Adhesive hook and loop has a common hot melt glue, which has a low melting point and is suitable for low temperature environment and winter use. Its adhesive force is general and its holding power is relatively general.
    2. Another type of adhesive hook and loop is a high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive with a high melting point. It is suitable for use in summer and some high temperature machines. It has strong adhesion and strong holding force after sticking.

    3. There is also a kind of adhesive hook and loop for 3M adhesive products, that is, using 3M adhesive to cut into the corresponding specifications and attaching the back of the hook and loop product, which is a relatively special high-grade processed product.
    The adhesive hook and loop machine can process ordinary adhesive processing or back-to-back bonding.
    Ordinary adhesive processing can process adhesives from specifications between 12.5-200mm wide. Ordinary adhesive processing can process the following materials; ordinary hook and loop adhesive, plastic hook backing, velour backing and other back-to-back processing materials can be : Ordinary hook and velour processing, plastic hooking and velour processing, ordinary hooking ordinary loop processing.
    After buying it, how do we check the size of the hook and loop and the adhesiveness of the adhesive? The following LiYao gives you a brief introduction to the sticky test of the adhesive hook and loop, I hope to help everyone.
    The size can be measured by the ruler. If the adhesive is sticky, you can cut a small piece and paste it repeatedly to test its stickiness. When it is torn, the sticky one will be difficult to tear off. Good glue will obviously see one. A thick layer of transparent glue, and vice versa.
    However, if it is stuck on the object to be used, be careful not to touch the adhesive when you peel the adhesive, because the grease on the hand will affect the adhesiveness of the adhesive.
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