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Hook and loop tape’s position in the apparel industry


    Hook and loop tape’s position in the apparel industry

    Aug 1,2019
    Hook and loop tape, also known as hook and loop, is one of the most widely used products in the apparel industry. It has the same function as buttons and zippers. Compared with buttons or zippers on clothing, the use of hook and loop fasteners is more convenient and environmentally friendly. The wider the more.
    Hook and loop strips are often classified according to both material and glue.
    Classified by "material": According to the material of the hook and loop fastener, it is divided into two types: webbing and backing. Different materials provide you with a wide range of choices, and you should choose the right material according to the actual situation.
    Classified by “glue”: Glue plays a strong role in the fastening tape, mainly in high temperature and high temperature resistance. The use of hook and loop fasteners produced by different glue is different.
    A quality piece of clothing, the materials used and each part of the production are carefully designed. The hook and loop tape is the most important part of the clothes. It is not only of good quality, but also has a strong stickiness. It should also consider the overall beauty of the clothes. Degree, so be sure to pay attention to the choice.

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