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Advantage of hook and loop fastener


    Advantage of hook and loop fastener

    Jul 25,2019
    Hook and loop fastener is now part of the domestic production of strapping manufacturers. By adopting international standards and absorbing foreign advanced technology, the hook and loop fastener are larger in terms of standard level, design and manufacturing technology and product quality. The improvement of the future development of strapping is extended to full automation, advanced and diversified.
    1. Strong tensile strength: both steel-like tensile strength and impact-resistant ductility, ensuring safe transportation of your products.
    2. Low elongation: The elongation is only one-sixth of that of the polypropylene (pp) belt, which can maintain the tension for a long time.

    3. High temperature resistance: the melting point is 260 degrees, no deformation under 120 degrees
    4. Good flexibility: no sharp edges like steel belts, safe operation, neither hurting hands nor damaging the bundled objects.
    5. Beautiful and rust-free: no steel belt rust pollution of the bundled objects, the color is bright and can be seen.
    6. Good economic benefits: The length of 1 ton plastic strip is equivalent to 6 tons of steel belt, and the unit price per meter is lower than steel belt, which can reduce the cost for you.
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