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How to Deal with Hook and Loop When It’s Not sticky


    How to Deal with Hook and Loop When It’s Not sticky

    Jun 11,2019
    In our current lives, you can say the application of hook and loop is everywhere. However, we all know that no matter what kind of product, once it is used for a long time, there will be some problems. So, what are the problems with hook and loop? The most contact with hook and loop is estimated to be applied to the shoes. When our shoes are worn for a while, maybe someone will find that hook and loop is not working properly, that is, it won't stick. How should this situation be solved?
    Let's talk about how to solve the problem that hook and loop is not sticky. There are two main reasons for this problem. First: Since the surface of hook and loop is stuck with a lot of impurities in the material of the shoe, hook and loop will lose its adhesion at this time. This situation is very easy to solve, just need to pick up the impurities on the hard surface of hook and loop with a sharp tool, so that hook and loop can return to normal. Second: the product quality of hook and loop itself. The glue on the top is not sticky. In this situation, you need to replace this non-stick hook and loop with a sticky one. You can find one from old clothes or old shoes. Of course, you can also buy a new seam to a non-stick surface.
    If you can't solve it yourself, you can find a professional shoe repairer to help you, and he will solve the problem soon.

    Date of occurrence: 2019.4.12
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