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Hook and Loop Cable Tie Material Selection Should be Adapted to Local Conditions


    Hook and Loop Cable Tie Material Selection Should be Adapted to Local Conditions

    Jun 10,2019

    Because of its simplicity and convenience, hook and loop cable tie is used more and more in our lives, but there may still be some people who don’t understand its practicality, and don’t know whether the so-called hook and loop is, of course, for those who have known hook and loop, they are more familiar with it. People who don't know hook and loop generally think that hook & loop has two sides. One side is a hook surface, and the other side is made up of wool fibers. The most common is the application of clothing and shoes.
    he origin is pretty like magic. Due to the convenience of hook and loop, it has now extended to many industries. The home, medical, electronics, machinery, and clothing will all use the big Hook and loop, but because of the different industries, for the magic. The requirements for the use of hook and loop are also different. The materials and requirements of hook and loop are often adapted to the unacceptable environment. 
    There are a lot of materials for the hook and loop, how can we choose?
    1. Nylon material: Nylon material can be said to be the best material in the hook and loop industry. Nylon is not easy to burn, and it is very soft. This material is suitable for use on clothes and is very environmentally friendly material.
    2, Polyester material: easy to burn, will produce black smoke when burning, also accompanied by a pungent taste, the material is hard, and the hand feels rough. This material hook and loop is best suited for adhesive hook and loop.
    3, Polyester and nylon mixed material: Mixed material hook and loop combines all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, not easy to burn, very durable. Generally said this material can adjust the ratio of nylon to polyester.
    4, Un-napped material: mainly do un-napped hook and loop, only the loop surface, the hook side is usually use nylon A-grade material, mainly used in close-fitting clothes.
    Most of the material classification of hook and loop is like this, then we should choose the appropriate hook and loop according to what? The most important thing is to clearly define the place to be used. Good steel should be used on the blade. Before using hook and loop, we should clearly understand the area used and the materials we touch. Because of the difference in the area, the temperature will be different. It affects the viscosity of the glue, because the difference in the contact surface will also cause the hook and loop to use different effects. The choice of materials depends mainly on the industry we are in. It is necessary to select different materials according to the influence of different humidity, which will cause the hook and loop change with the glue, and the local conditions are the most important.

    Date of occurrence:2019.4.8
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