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What are the Materials for Making Hook and Loop?


    What are the Materials for Making Hook and Loop?

    Jun 8,2019

    In our lives, the application of 
    hook and loop is indispensable. From the beginning of development to the present, the types of hook and loop are quite complete, and in the development process, the raw material of hook and loop also has great changes. Hook and loop made with different materials has different application scopes. At this time, we should correctly know what the hook and loop making materials are.
    There are many subdivisions in the production of hook and loop, but we can divide it into three major categories. The first type is the more common nylon fabric. The hook and loop of this fabric is softer, so it is often used in infants and toddlers because the human skin is sensitive and fragile. If the hook and loop fabric is too hard, it will cause damage to the skin. Nylon fabric is not only soft in texture, but also environmentally friendly. It has no toxic substances and will not cause any harm to the skin. It will not affect the environment during the production process.

    The second type of material is polyester fabric, which is often applied to polyester fabrics in our life because it is hard, durable and not easily deformed by external forces. In judging whether the hook and loop made of polyester fabric, can be burned with fire, which will have a more pungent smell.

    The third category is the mix fabric products. These products are processed manually. They have the advantages of many fabric advantages. The mix materials have good fireproof performance and long service life.

    Date of occurrence:2019.3.23
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