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How to Extend the Life of Hook and Loop


    How to Extend the Life of Hook and Loop

    Jun 7,2019

    Hook and loop can be seen everywhere in our lives. This magic strap is often used to bundle wires, making the messy wires bundled, practical and beautiful. We also use hook and loop on the wristbands and knee-protection tools that we usually use, and now we have set off a new wave of sports and leisure hook and loop. This summer, hook and loop reappears, and many designs of sandals and sneakers are also applied to hook and loop in different colors.
    When hook and loop is used for a long time, it will wear out a certain amount. In order to effectively extend the life of hook and loop, we need to pay attention to some details in daily use. Although the price of the hook and loop is not expensive, many consumers may not care much about its service life, but we are living in an energy-saving and environmentally friendly society so we should learn to use resources rationally.
    Over time, the hook and loop's tack will degenerate, and if you don't pay much attention during use, it will shorten its life. Like the hook and loop on the knee pads and wristbands, when bonding and tearing hook and loop, don't use too much strength. When you are bored, don't repeat the bonding and tearing actions frequently, which can reduce the damage to the hook and loop.
    Hook and loop design that changes over time can better meet the market demand. In addition to considering the shape design, the manufacturer also takes relevant measures to improve the performance of hook and loop and help to extend its service life.

    Date of occurrence: 2019.1.3
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