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Fully Start the "Golden Age" of the Hook and Loop Industry


    Fully Start the "Golden Age" of the Hook and Loop Industry

    Feb 23,2019

    When it comes to clothes, shoes, computers, mobile phones, etc., you can find the hook and loop. It is such a small hook and loop that has now penetrated into our lives with pervasiveness. Nowadays, the rapid development and popularity of the hook and loop industry is beyond imagination, which makes people very surprised. As one of the 50 inventions of the 20th century, hook and loop has played an indispensable role in today's life and has become one of the products that people are becoming familiar with.

    In 2003, export products of Zhongshan Liyao Weaving Co., Ltd accounted for 60% of the company's output. As the demand of customers increased, the scope of application expanded to 58 countries. It is precisely because of the advantages of high quality and reasonable price, it has become synonymous with the hook and loop industry in the world. It is favored by many well-known domestic and foreign brand manufacturers. Liyao promoted the hook and loop for 16 years and has been taking the high-end route. High quality, environmentally friendly and professional technique, is the true portrayal of Liyao. This 16-year development process has been widely used since the launch of hook and loop. Like shoes, clothing, medical, electronics, aviation, military and other fields.

    From the initial operation to the present, Liyao has made brilliant achievements, and even some insiders said that in the hook and loop industry, the development of Liyao is a benchmark that represents the highest quality of the hook and loop industry and has a wide impact on the whole country and even the world. As the commanding height of the hook and loop industry, Liyao maintains constant innovation, guaranteeing a classic that has been imitated, but will never be surpassed.

    Since the development of Liyao, in addition to having excellent products and wide-ranging sales channels, it is possible to create a sales miracle that continues to be popular in 58 countries around the world. Nowadays, the domestic economy is developing at a rapid pace. The company has decided to expand its sales channels. The promotion of the hook and loop will be carried out in a wide range of ways. In addition to increasing the influence of the company's brand, Liyao will pay more attention to serving more consumers. So they can buy the best products at the lowest price.

    Liyao implements “Produce earnestly, treat customers sincerely.” In the early days since its establishment, Liyao has continuously introduced research and development technology and established strict quality control systems. All the hook and loop products are beneficial to the R&D and design, and the whole process is self-produced. It is produced in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure the quality is qualified. This is also the secret of Liyao hook and loop beyond competitors.

    Liyao's high-quality Hook and loop products are slowly infiltrating people's daily lives, fully opening the "golden age" of the hook and loop industry.

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