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Small Hook and Loop National Standards in the Development of Competition


    Small Hook and Loop National Standards in the Development of Competition

    Oct 14,2019

    In recent years, with the international financial competitiveness continues to strengthen, the garment industry increasingly competitive, big brands such as Anta and Malet clothing products already have their own garment standard, other brands are also moving to the relevant national standards and strive to sprint, the more authoritative on the yield and quality of students from the brand and consumer satisfaction, more. In order to improve the market competitiveness, create greater economic value.

    Hook and loop, an auxiliary product is very simple, the side can be attached, the other side can freely create, style diversity, is an important member of garment accessories, has a touch that is open and, pulling effect. Today, its advantages have gradually replaced the zipper, hooks and other auxiliary products for fashion designers, more adapted to the fast pace of the current trend of life. Therefore, in order to make the Hook and loop tape industry, has been from the packaging, transportation and storage has made definite regulations, with national production standards, provide the technical basis for the evaluation of product quality with the fastening.

    Which means the right to speak of the highest standard in every industry, which products meet the standards, have absolute competitive strength, the development of industry standards is the highest level of independent innovation of an enterprise, the small Hook and loop, was standing on the height of the highest standard, provide the best quality of life for people to assist.

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