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Medical device hook and loop fastener


    Medical device hook and loop fastener

    Sep 9,2019
    Today's medical industry is advancing by leaps and bounds, and there is no lack of improvement and innovation in medical devices. Today's sphygmomanometers are more sophisticated and convenient than traditional sphygmomanometers.
    Why is this sphygmomanometer button so popular and used by the medical industry? Let's analyze it. Perhaps most people are not familiar with it. What kind of thing is the hook and loop tape? It is an auxiliary material in the textile industry. One side is hook and the other side is hair. The hooks are glued together and we are talking about the hook and loop fasteners. It has several good performances: environmental protection, permanent quality and stability, the number of bonding times is up to 20,000 times, the bristles are even, it is not easy to break the wire, the hook surface is neatly arranged and beautiful, and the use value is high! Therefore, it is a very sensible choice for the medical industry to choose a cheap and fast adhesive tape as an auxiliary material, replacing traditional straps and saving time. This is the hook and loop band of the sphygmomanometer era.

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