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What is a carpet markers?

What is a carpet markers?

Update Time:2019/8/13

Carpet markers magic tape, also known as carpet markers hook and loop fastener. One side of the hook type, the hook surface is neatly arranged, the angle of the hook is fixed, the chance of the buckle is increased, the suede bristles are even, the broken yarn is not easily broken, the lateral bonding force is firm and the hook surface is strong, and the double-sided bonding can be used up to 10,000 times. More than once, the quality remained stable. The raw materials and dyes used in the products comply with international EU standards. Low toxicity and environmental protection does not contain six toxin quality standards, and has reached the level of similar products. New products can be developed for customers and packaged according to customer requirements.

The carpet markers are made of nylon because nylon is not easy to burn, and it is very soft and strong. It is suitable for use in clothing and toys. It is a very environmentally friendly material that can be reused, washed and durable. Not only that, but also multi-purpose, colorful sitting points help teachers organize different teaching activities, educate preschool children, such as numbers and color perceptions; facilitate teaching, do a little to reduce oral reminders, provide visual cues. Hard bonding: Nylon carpet markers magic tape can be bonded to the carpet without the use of an adhesive.

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