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Adhesive Hook and Loop and Electronic Technology Application

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Adhesive Hook and Loop and Electronic Technology Application
Issue Time:2019-06-17
Adhesive hook and loop can be used on tablets. In general, many people have their tablets slip from hands. A small accident is likely to bring huge economic losses. At this time, you can use the adhesive hook and loop. With the help of adhesive hook and loop, you can easily attach your tablet to your wrist. In this case, when the hook side and loop side are pasted together, the tablet is firmly fixed, and the problem of the tablet being slippy is solved. Even if it slips from the hand, it will not fall to the ground, reducing unnecessary wear and tear.
In addition to fixing the tablet to the wrist, the adhesive hook and loop can also be used to fix the tablet and mobile phone in the car as a GPS navigator; when cooking, hang the mobile phone or tablet on the wall to watch the cooking tutorial.
The adhesive hook & loop is widely used in various tablet bags, computer bags and mobile phone cases to protect the computer from the phone and reduce the friction and extend the service life of the electronic products.
One is the traditional industry, the other is electronic technology, and the two are irrelevant, and they form a special combination to make life more exciting.
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