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Update Time2019/5/23
  • Period:
  • 2016/4/1 - 2017/4/28
  • Certification bodies:
  • OEKO
  Oeko-Tex® has been obtained according to our test report te« report SHAO 114316.1
Authorized by Standard 100, using the Oeko^Tex® label
  The textiles issued with the certificate comply with the current legal provisions of Annex XVII of the EU REACh Regulations (including restrictions on the use of azo dyes and antimony), and also in line with the CPS丨A US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Lead-containing S requirements (except glass accessories)
  The company holding this certificate has made a declaration based on the quality of the 丨SO 170SO-1 to ensure that only the 〇ek〇*Tex® label is applied to the goods that match the test sample, and the review is made to verify the statement*
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